Baby with huge dick.My son is 10 years old and his penis does not seem to have grown since he was a baby.

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September 19, Reply. Great questions. Medically the measurements of penis length are for stretched length, which is different than erect length. I did see a doctor a few years ago and he told me not to worry it would grow later.

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And remember that no matter what your friends or other kids at school say, penis size does not have anything to do with your worth.

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That is when we took him to the doctor.

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Hi Dr Greene, I love your website first of all.

I hope you find the information you need there.

My friend, who had long ago reached the age of 12 is almost twice bigger penis than me.

If you still have questions after looking at the Tanner Staging charttalk to your doctor to determine if your size is on track for your stage of development.

Is it ok?

I turned 12 two months ago.

Many thanks!!!