Bleeding a lot after losing virginity.All materials on this website are copyrighted.

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Please try not to let your fear get to you. Shreya is a London-based doctor specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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It's also possible that the vaginal walls have been scraped by a partner's fingernails, in which case it's a good idea for to be examined and get treatment so that a vaginal infection doesn't develop.

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Unfortunately, research shows that women are just less likely to orgasm during sex than men.

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Cancer The cause of postcoital bleeding that creates the most fear in women is cervical cancer.

Causes of bleeding after sex without accompanying pain Vintage hot sex benign growths from the endometrium or the cervix can result in postcoital bleeding due to trauma of the tissue during intercourse.

So you should find a water-based or silicone-based lube instead.

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Is it normal to bleed A LOT when losing your virginity?

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A cervical ectropion is when the glandular cells that cover the lining of the inside of the cervix are mom son voyeur on the outer surface of the cervix.