Terry farrell ass.I'm thankful that the franchise has had a bbw big ass photo cast and supporting crew, and powerful and impassioned fanbase that has kept it as strong in spite of Gene Rodenberry and Rick Berman.

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Whats hot: Nobody really needs to corroborate her account; Berman's explanation is pure bullshit. Beverly Hills Madam Julie Taylor

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One thing that always bothered me in Trek was that civilian life was shown to have this weird conformity that makes it look like everyday life for Federation citizens is pretty boring.

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I was under the impression he was on the Meghan fox naked side but I can't find anything to back it up at the moment.

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As has czech sex vids mentioned, Berman had less control over DS9 by the end of it, so Piller and Moore probably got to do casting, while Berman was in the background being an asshole about paycheques.

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That had to have a much bigger effect than Nero did on its course of history.

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Earth doesn't seem to be a very culturally dynamic place in the 24th century.

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