The female titan naked.Titans as far as the eye could see were dead in the fields, courtesy of Eren's rampage.

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That being said, Eren was not the only one looking forward to a quick hose down. He looked at Reiner with wide eyes.

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He would coach himself, telling himself that it was no big deal, that it was not the same as actually being naked as a human.

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Facial cumshot tube a towel tucked firmly around his waist, he set to drying his hair, the heat of the day already setting in once more in the stuffy room.

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Well, better to be a shoveled as a human then a naked Titan.

Conni nodded casually.

The tree skirt flew everywhere as both Titans scrambled for control of the colorful tarp.

Even the Colossal Titan shows more skin than Eren 'cause he's the exact embodiment of a freakin human body!

You're covered in skin with nothing to show!

Yes, those … those people from the other picture.