Told drama island all girls naked.The joke isn't just on reality shows -- it's on reality shows as they've become now, populated with students of the genre who are all trying to game the system.

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The same secret admirer sees an unexpected accident and gets an eyeful. Beth starts to see Trent as a little "weird.

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However, he soon remembers Owen's words and purposely trips on a branch and starts writhing on the ground to throw the challenge, allowing Leshawna and the Gaffers to win.

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After Owen calls Trent weird, Trent tells him that Gwen likes weird.

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She realizes immediately that her breasts were exposed, much to Harold's happiness, who continues to stare.

They are then woken up by a plane flying overhead.

The mobile shower is presented as a reward for winning.

Chris sends everyone off to gather some wood.

Revenge of the Island.

In fear, he chokes on the marshmallow he was eating, so Harold slaps Owen on the back to revive him.